Appreciating when it goes right

Sometimes it is worthwhile to pause and notice when something is going really right. The tendency is generally to let the not-so-great things take over our brains. And they should! How else would we solve problems and make things better? However, when you start to notice that maybe you’ve been paying too much attention to the not-so-great things a little too often, you may begin to feel the effect that it has on your psyche. In fact, the more you pay attention to the not-so-great things, the more likely it is that you will fixate on those things and they become more noticeable than the alternative. I am definitely prone to that sort of thinking, which is why I need to stop every so often and notice when something is going right.

Pumpkin!After last week’s debacle, I was overjoyed to find myself in an establishment that could have very easily been chaotic, but was quite the opposite. My family and I went to a place called McCall’s Pumpkin Patch in Moriarty, New Mexico over the weekend. After our magical (That’s right! I said magical.) experience there, we are certain to make it an annual tradition.

Usually when we have outings at places where there are a lot of people, especially families, there seems to be a mountain of tension in the air. Moms get stressed, dads become anxious, children get hungry, tired and cranky, and all hell breaks loose. But this place was like something straight out of a Disney movie. The families we encountered were so wholesome they made the Brady Bunch seem like frauds.

Not only was everyone in a pleasant mood, but the way this place ran was like a well-oiled machine. There were plenty of windows open for ticketing, meaning very few lines and very few opportunities to become grumpy before the fun had even started. There were many different types of attractions, so everyone was pleased. Everything was clean. Really clean. Every building was maintained so well, you would think that everything had been built the day before. There were ample places to obtain food. Each of them was well-staffed, fast, and delicious. And to top it all off, the pumpkin patch is just a fun place to be!

Corn MazeThese were just a few of the things that I noticed. But, man, when you get those things right, it really makes a difference. The only reason I can see why a family-owned pumpkin patch in the middle of nowhere could be that spectacular is that farmers really know how it’s done. So I’m sending out a BIG, heartfelt “Thank You” to McCall’s for restoring my faith in humanity this week!


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